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MB Digital have always strived to provide exceptional service (that’s why we are the North West’s leading independent supplier of office equipment!) and now our local Kendal support team can also take care of all your IT needs across Cumbria!

From hardware such as laptops to software such as Office 365 and enhanced security measures, we have an IT specialist on standby in Kendal who can provide you with a proactive, comprehensive service, eliminating the usual headaches and giving you back precious time to focus on growing your business.

We understand how frustrating it can be and how crucial it is to have your systems running at all times.

Our IT Technicians come from some of the leading companies in the field of IT support, in and around Cumbria for over 10 years. As a locally established company, we clearly understand the various needs of businesses located in the area. Our biggest mission is to provide best-in-class business IT support in Cumbria, helping both local and even international businesses stay safe in the digital age allowing them to grow leaps and bounds.

What to expect when choosing us

Proactive support

Potential problems get spotted and addressed sooner with continuous monitoring, providing a stable and reliable IT Environment

Business Continuity

Data protection ensures your critical information is always available in the event of equipment failure, emergencies or disasters.

Peace of mind

A layered security approach tailored to your business keeps your technology and data protected against viruses, hackers, ransomware, tricky email schemes and other attacks. With our expert technicians and industry leading software working for you 24/7 behind the scenes, you know your business is truly taken care of.

Enhanced Business Performance

Stay ahead of your competition with reliable, high-performing technology and expert advice on how to meet the needs of your customers and your team — so no one has to wait for slow systems

Cost Control

Pricing matched to your business needs makes IT budgeting easier and more predictable — and planned maintenance helps prevent the costs of unexpected equipment failure and lost productivity

Cloud Backup Solutions

Your Best Protection against Lost Work, Whether Due to Accidental Deletion or Ransomware We’re not sure what’s more frustrating

redoing work you forgot to save or being locked out of your critical documents due to ransomware encryption. Let us help you keep access to your mission-critical documents with regular, automated, and verifiable backups. Our document backup service finds and backs up critical business documents on workstations, helping protect you from data loss when full workstation system backup is not an option. It’s the easy, automated, and affordable way to provide basic protection for your important business documents.

Back up all types of business documents, including files from:

Microsoft Office® QuickBooks® Outlook® .PST files Open Office™ Visio® Mac® file types And more

The simple, cost-effective way to protect your documents. Our file-level document backup service enables you to preserve your documents in a secured, compliant, accessible environment within an easily budgeted monthly agreement.

Key details: Document backups are stored in a private cloud. Unlimited storage space is available. Backups automatically run twice per day.Backups are verified. Automatic 28-day retention provides you with 56 restore points for recovery. Your employees can retrieve files from the cloud on their own without needing to call our help desk. However, our help desk technicians are always available to assist if needed

Office 365 Back ups

Backup for Microsoft 365 Protect Your Data—Protect Your Business

Your business constantly creates data that fuels your operations and growth. So, who is responsible for protecting and backing it up? You may believe that Microsoft maintains all your Microsoft 365™ data. However, the reality is the burden can fall on you— unless you elect to add Backup for Microsoft 365. Adding this vital online backup service can help protect you from security incidents such as ransomware and business email compromise (BEC), as well as file and account deletions that exceed the default Microsoft retention policies. With Backup for Microsoft 365, we can help you recover files and accounts at any time, even if they are accidentally or maliciously deleted by an insider or external cybercriminal.


We will manage your Backup for Microsoft 365 to: Back up Microsoft 365 Exchange™ every four hours Back up Microsoft 365 OneDrive® every six hours Back up Microsoft 365 SharePoint® (including Microsoft Teams® files and data that are stored in SharePoint) every six hours.

Custom- and sub-libraries are backed up and can be recovered individually as needed


We will use the solution to help ensure you can: Recover the data you want swiftly and easily Meet retention requirements for data storage Retain and recover Microsoft 365 Exchange email, calendars, contacts, and tasks for seven years Retain and recover Microsoft 365 OneDrive data for one year Retain and recover Microsoft 365 SharePoint data and permissions for one year


You can: Keep your data in region with more than 30 worldwide data centers helping meet your business and retention requirements


We can help you: Keep your data protection services up-to-date as your new business units or employees adopt Microsoft 365 Avoid lost time, reduced productivity, and frustration while trying to recover irrecoverable data, such as expired or permanently deleted files and sites Maintain effective business continuity by recovering files, ranging from individual requests to complete employee or business reinstalls Conclusion Using Backup for Microsoft 365 can help protect your business and data against accidental and malicious acts of file and account deletion. If this online backup service helps you restore your business after a security incident such as ransomware or BEC, the ROI on your investment will be exponential. Protect your business and productivity. Get peace of mind knowing you can recover your Microsoft 365 data for any reason, at any time. Start today.

Network Path Analysis Services

Giving you visibility and more choices about your data’s journey Your data travels quite a bit through a standard workday. From your computer to your network to an internet service provider, into various public/private clouds, shared with other apps/services/clouds, and back to you again. What does all this really mean? Your email, applications, and phone systems all have paths that convey data to and from those assts. If there is an issue anywhere along the way, you might experience slowdowns or interruptions.

Our network path analysis services allow us to solve this for you and tell you where the issue is located. This provides you with the visibility you need—while allowing us to quickly troubleshoot across the data delivery chain.

Why partner with us for network path analysis services?

Connect employees to apps and services more effectively—Knowing where your data is and how it travels helps us provide more efficient connections between your people and the IT assets they depend on.

Restore network visibility—Protecting your business processes requires visibility into the performance of the network paths and devices you have no control of outside your network. Our solution provides visibility into internet paths, allowing you to see where your data goes and who may have access to it. Improving speed—Our network path analysis tools give us the ability to measure the performance characteristics of each network node and link outside your network, making it easy to spot and work on issues causing workflow slowdowns.


When you work with us, you get access to some of the top consultants in the field that Cumbria has to offer.
Our team is always on hand to provide not only support for your IT issues but also as a consultancy we can lend advice and if needed, a real pair of onsite hands to solve your IT troubles.

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